Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big week coming up!

We have three BIG presentations this week. It's not our normal week of standard seminars. No, this week we've been asked to speak at the Karwartha Family Business Association meeting and the bi-annual Ontario Chamber of Commerce Executive Conference! Both are very exciting for us.

We actually created a survey and had it sent out to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Executives, on what social networking tools they use. The folks organizing the Kawartha's Family Business Association meeting also sent out a survey to their membership, on the same topic. Both came back with excellent participation and results.

The results have helped us customize our presentations for both audiences! After we present our findings to these audiences, we'll share them here on our blog too! VERY EXCITING! There were some surprises to me, so, I'm delighted we did the survey, vs. assuming we knew everything! We also searched around for some examples of best practices. We'll share those with you as well!
So, now that we're actually ready to maintain our blog, you'll be hearing from us weekly, at a minimum!
It's been an exciting busy few months!
Sofie & Jerry!

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