Monday, August 23, 2010

Your Video Views have attention spans of NATs (no offence meant to a Nat)

I always say that your online target audience had the attention span of a NAT, therefore you need to ensure that your they can find what you want them to find on your website or social networking profiles within a few seconds. 

More & more people are asking me how long their online promotional videos should be, as, I've been promoting both the use of YouTube and email Video for business as an excellent way to personalize your message.  I've been suggesting that your video should not be YouTube's full 10mins in length, but under 4mins in length.  Maybe it should actually be shorter!

This study by, TubeMogul, shows that it should be much shorter in length! They found, 10% actual bail after 10 seconds, and 90% stop watching after 5mins! 

Here is a link to their full article. ..

So, looking at these stats, for a online marketing video, I'm thinking you should be under 20secs! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Until next time!


  1. I would agree with that Sof!

    Just like I skip through TV commercials (thank you PVR) I have no interest in watching one online.

    There are some exceptions though - if I were buying a house, for example, I would watch a clip of a tour.

    I might also watch a video of renovation work someone has done, or landscaping or something along those lines. But only if I am already far enough into the buying process that I am comparing possible alternatives.



  2. Good one Sophie, At least up through the title, you lost me after that.

    Just kidding,, I agree that shorter is better though. I think it is increasingly true in all forms of online communication. Of course you could take it too far by speaking like you were texting all the time, even so you may reach more folks that way..