Thursday, June 30, 2011

QR Codes.. Keep them Short & High! Here's How..

So, I have been getting allot of questions on QR codes since my return.  Here is the skinny..

Keep it short & high! What? Well, that's the key to a good QR-Code.. Two things, first, that the information you would like your QR Code to contain is short, and second, that the resolution you are printing to is high!  A QR Code is just a hexadecimal representation of the information you want it to store.  The person reading your QR Codes needs a QR Code reader.  Most mobile devices come with a QR Code reader, or they download free reader applications.. Blackberries have the readers built into the BBM application.

If you want to use the QR -Code to store text, ie your contact information, you can use to generate the code.  It's very simple, you just enter your text or URL into the "Content" box as shown:

Then click on Generate!

It produces the QR-Code for you! You can send this to the printer, or cut and paste it yourself.. Remember the second rule, high resolution!  When getting it printed, be sure to test the resolution, make sure the resolution you choose does not bleed.  I like to test it with different QR Readers.
If you wanted to have text in the QR code instead, you can, use the same tool above and just change the "Content Type". 

I am finding most people are using QR Codes to store links.  Linking back to a coupon, webpage, entry form, MLS listing..

If you have a very LONG link, you MUST SHORTEN IT FIRST, BEFORE PRINTING YOUR QR-CODE.. otherwise it's very likely your audience's QR-Readers will NOT be able to read it.  I do tests in my seminars, where I'll put up a complicated QR Code of a long link and then shorting it and recreate the QR Code.. it's proven over and over again, that the shorter the code, the easier it's read!

So, if you want to shorten your links.. here is how.
You need to do the following three things..
1) Go to and create an account.  Once you've created your account, WHICH IS VERY VERY SIMPLE TO DO.
2) Decide what link you'd like shortened.. then type the link into the big box that says "Shorten your links and share from here"
so, I'll put a link in here of a listing my friend Jay is currently selling. The actual link is, but both shortens it AND gives you the QR-Code.
So, click on the Info link, as shown, to see what your QR-Code looks like and who has clicked on your shortened link!

This is what your see, your QR Code:
You can also come back to this page to see how often people clicked on the code, which days and where they which Countries and Cities they where from.
Hope this helps! 


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