Wednesday, January 11, 2012

12 Good Apps to turn Social Media into your most Powerful business tool!

The intent of this Post is to share with you a list of advanced Social Media applications which will help you turn your Social Media efforts into a POWERFUL business tool, specifically, a sales lead generation tool!
Of course, you don't need to use any of the tools below, you can go to,,,, or any of the social media platforms which your clients are on, and create your own accounts, brand them with your Logos, all for free, and stop there.  You can even come to one of my Workshops or one of the many others being offered in your area or via webcast.   (Ignore this part if you want as I plug my workshops for a second, I like my workshop approach since I've started including a coaching process for one month after the workshop.  Why?  I find that so many people go to seminars or workshops, with excellent intentions, get excited while there, but aren't able to spend the few minutes a day to keep it growing afterwards.  So, now my workshops include, for a month right after the workshop, where we watch the social media platforms you created, and collectively coach you to get you going.  Finally, I do a Webinar, one month later, to review various aspects. Just setting it up, without engagement will NOT grow your business.  The second workshop I've started offering this year, is called GROW IT, it's not even on my own website yet, here we learn how to use some of these advance Social Media Tools listed below, with the intent of helping you turn your Social Media platforms into an amazing business tool which will help your businesses grow! Again, we watch and coach you for two weeks after and invite you to a webinar to review and wrap things up!)
So, for the more adventurous do it yours-elvers, here is the list of tools I refer to in my seminars and workshops. ENJOY!

Creating your custom Facebook Landing Pages & adding cools APPS to your Facebook Pages:


Determine who the Influential Social Media Accounts are in your various target markets:
  • (this tool's database isn't complete, but, it's a start.)

Measuring your own Influence and comparing it to others:

Measuring the effectiveness of your Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, or Blog:

  • (Gives you reports and advice on how to improve.)

Tools to help you Monitor all of your Social Media streams from one place, to "listen" for your Mentions, to "listen" for specific KEYWORDs, and to Schedule your Posts into the future.


Tools to help convert your unknown followers or those in your area into leads and clients:

  • (if you are a business who's clients use Smartphones and you are in a high traffic business, you should CLAIM your Venue and create a loyalty program using FourSquare!)
  • (links to an other FourSquare Venue's check-ins, automatically sending them YOUR coupons!)
  • (merges your Followers from across all your social media platforms into one contact database for you, including all the contact information and posts history it can find on each of the public social media platforms.)
  • Helps you create Campaigns for your Facebook Page.. Where your FANs and their Friends can upload Videos or Photos and enter into contest.  You can manage your Campaign as long as you like, and then let the largest number of LIKEs drive the winner or let a panel of Judges use criteria you've posted. (often the criteria includes the highest number of Likes, but, that's not the ONLY aspect.)

Nothing to do with Social Media, but, the tools I used to create last night's presentation:

  •, (an awesome tool to give your presentations more life!) 
  • Goolge Chrome, (I also suggest you use Google Chrome as your Internet Browser, and check out all of the excellent Business and Social Media Applications they offer, most of the applications I list above can be found in Google Chrome.)
I LOVE these tools!  As I find new tools, I'll post about them, if you find ones you love, PLEASE share them with me too!

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