Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creating your Social Strategy in 9 Steps

Social Media is no longer a nice to have nor is it something you do on the sidelines.  Social Media has shifted how we communicate with staff, clients, community, and suppliers.  Social Media has indeed seeded a culture of Social Business or Social Community; where everyone in an organization or a community now has a role in contributing to its success.  Hence you need a Social Strategy & Policy to guide everyone involved.

In the following diagram, the top right is a Social Organization.

Not saying that ALL your employees or constituents should become spokespeople, but, they can be to some degree, if they know their role.  For example, supplier “mentioning” their client’s Twitter handles when appropriate, hence strengthening both their credibility and followers. Imagine taking a photo of your product and client and then attaching it to a Tweet which reads,  “Check out our the Smoked Blue Hayes  that @______ will be featuring in this week's Cheese Desire Platter - out of this world!”  Thecheese shop supporting their client, a local restaurant, each havingcomplimentary clients and followers.  Humans love seeing what’sinvolved in the preparation of an event, food, product, or brand.  Staff can share in the moment of the excitement if they knew what was appropriate.  A fashion retailer, choosing which cloths will be a part of their spring selection, taking photos and uploading them to your Facebook or Pinterest accounts.
In a Social Community, everyone needs to know what their Company’s or Community’s strategy is, in order to feel a part of the plan, participate, and keep the momentum building.
community’s or organization’s Social Strategy.

Answer these 9 questions to form your Social Strategy. 

  1. Why do you want online followers?
  2. Who do you want following you? Why will they want to follow you?
  3. Which Social platforms will you use?
  4. How will you measure Success?
  5. Which Keywords and Social Media Platform URLs or Handles do you want everyone using in your Posts?
  6. List your possible material creators for Posts? (Clients, Staff, Suppliers, Industry Experts, Media)
  7. Who will be accountable for measuring and coordinating efforts?
  8. List Ambassador possibilities – those with a large number of Social followers who will Retweet or share your Posts.
  9. Create your schedule – how often can your organization Post, twice a day, three times a week?

This post is the first of a 10 post series on Social Strategy, stay tuned! 

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