Sunday, November 18, 2012

The #Cluckoff Meetup Adventure

So, what happens when someone a Twitter community respects, @StoosNews,  randomly tweets this?
"Cooking a Chicken! Yup, from scratch, in the oven.. Who does that anymore?"
Well, it seems MANY do! It launched into a number of Tweets which turned into a #Cluckoff meet-up challenge which my husband and I had the honor of hosting!

Jerry & I were happily volunteered to host this group of Peeps! I happened to walk by @StoosNews office and asked how his chicken adventures where turning out, he said he was on his way to a Chicken Meet-up, and he says in passing, would it be ok if we all came over to your home for the Cook-off, I laughingly agreed, thinking he was nuts.. Just incase, I called my husband, Jerry, and cleared some dates.  I went back to @StoosNews with two date options.  An hour later I got a DM from @MaryamMonsef asking if Nov 17th was a good date.  Let the #Cluckoff begin!

It was like a blind date, I knew some of these folks by handle alone and some not at all.  @MaryamMonsef created a list of which Peeps were coming and what & who they were brining.  Jerry created a ballot system, no stuffed ballots, only stuffed Chickens allowed.  I was nervous, so, I cleaned the house all day and had the carpets cleaned the day before! Needed to make a good first impression on this blind date!

So, here were the challengers' dishes!

Millar's Stuffed Chicken by @HolidayInn_PTBO.  He brought enough for 30 or more people! Plus amazing East City Bakery Bread and local to-die-for butter! Oh god, the butter was heaven!  Martin's lovely wife Courtney also baked Pumpkin Pie for us, excellent crust, seconds a must!

Next we had the lovely @MaryamMonsef call her mom at 4pm to invite her along and ASK her to cook for us! Curry Chicken many Persian Style, along with this salad everyone needed seconds of!  (BTW, I kept the left over salad!)
Mom also brought some wonderful rice.

Are you ready for @D_britton 's Chicken Cacciatore  Oh yes! Lovely! Even more lovey with @kemiokapi helping @D_britton! 

Followed by @NicoleRiva 's Lemon Sage Chicken! @NicoleRiva Also brought her yummy squash & kale (one of my favorites!)   

The man who started the whole #Cluckoff, @StoosNews brought tasty Chicken Thighs with a wonderful gravy with a kick!  We all believe that @StoosNews's better half, Signe, actually made the food!! 

Oh my, this #Cluckoff adventure details would NOT be complete with the man & women who brought Potatoes to a Chicken challenge! @vanderherberg Michael & Andrea .. Wonderful potatoes! 

However, the MOST amazing thing happened through the night, @StoosNews asked everyone to share a little of themselves with everyone.. The stories where NOT 140 characters long.. The  stories shared were DEEP and RICH with feeling and emotion.  The blind date turned into a deep meaningful romance which I'll never forget.  Even if it was a one night stand, I'll remember it forever, however I think we are all hoping for MORE!

 @StoosNews tried the Crown on for size, but, it wasn't his!

Our winner of the #Cluckoff 2012 challenge was the lovely @MaryamMonsef's mom, with her Curry Chicken! SORRY this PHOTO's eyes are closed!


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