Monday, March 11, 2013

Secret Pinterest Boards - Why & How

You can create Secret Pinterest boards, which only you have access to, or only those who you have invited have access.   


We have seen this used by both individuals and businesses who have something visual they need to share with friends, coworkers, or partners.  

This is often used by individuals when designing homes or planning weddings; anything that might have a group of people involved in, but, they would like to keep the contents just amongst themselves. 

We have seen businesses use this when collaborating with partners on designs.  As well as when planning a launch of a new product line they often now create Secret boards first, then convert them to Public boards when ready.  


Each account can have a maximum of three Secret Boards at anyone one time.   You cannot convert a Public board to a Secret Board.  Nor can you MOVE an existing Pin to a Secret Board.  You can however RePin to a Secret Board.

Secret Boards can be used on both the Company and Personal Pinterest accounts.  

Three steps to creating a Secret Board.

1) Clicking on the “Add+” at the top.

2) Click on the “Create a Board”.

3) Finally, to make that Board Secret toggle the Secret option to ON.  

To complete the process, Name your Board, Select your Category, invite guest pinners if you like, then click on 'Create Board'.

DONE! Enjoy!

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