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9 Steps to Your Social Strategy: Step 4 - Choosing Your Social Platform

Choosing Your Social Platform

Source of Social Media Demographics:
Which social media platforms is your target market is using? What sorts of content you will be posting. Which platform is best suited for the type of materials you have. Where do you currently see the type of engagement you'd like to initiate with your target audience?   

As we've always said, you do not have to choose every social media platform for you company. Just those where your target market is most likely to engage with you. Think of each additional platform as an additional place to engage your current and potential clients. 

Facebook Profile
  • Meant for a human, not a company or organization. Facebook will convert your Profile to a Business Page if you are not a human. 
  • Humans become your "friends".  You can limit what people see on your Profile. You approve new friends. You can even limit what friends; categorize friends into different lists who “see” more or less information about you, or who see different posts.
  • You can have humans subscribe to you (vs. becoming your friends). This means you do not see their updates; they just see your public posts. Celebrities like this feature.
  • You can have a maximum of 5,000 friends on a Profile account.
Remember! You must have a Facebook
profile to create a Facebook page!
Facebook Page
  • Businesses or Organizations should not have a Profile account, but indeed a Business Page. 
  • There are two ways to manage Business Pages. First as a Human profile who is an administrator on a Page, or second, as a Business Manager. In both cases there are various levels of administrators' access.   A Business Page can have multiple people assigned as administrators. They can post as the page, without their identity being revealed. They sign in through their own human profile account and then switch to use Facebook as the Page, or they sign in directly through the Business Manager account to the Page. Business Manager accounts are relatively new to Facebook, to find out more click here.
  • Unlimited human profiles and business pages can "Like" your Business Page.
  • Insights and reports are available to the administrators of your Facebook Page. These insights include statistics on who and how many likes you have, which posts are most engaging, how old and what gender your page’s fan base is, whom your page reaches and more. Insights are free to the Business Page and very valuable. 
  • Pages are indexed by Google.
  • Boosted Posts - a Page can pay for its posts to be redistributed to a target audience, regardless if your target human has Liked your Page or not. Boosts can be purchased for $1/day. You can target a different audience each boost or the same audience. Boosts have proven to be very effective. 
  • You can Promote a Business Page to increase the number of Likes connected to your Page.
  • Facebook started suppressing the distribution of Business Page.  Only about 5-10% of those who "Like" your Page are sent Page Posts to their Newsfeed.  This is why Post engagement and Boosting Posts are critical to increase your Posts' reach. A business can only be effective on Facebook when they master how to engage their audience and Boost their Posts on Facebook. 
  • Remember, people are on Facebook to reconnect with friends and for entertainment. 
  • LinkedIn Profiles are indexed by Google.
  • There are many quality groups on LinkedIn to join; some are closed and others are open.
  • There are 259 million business professionals on LinkedIn.
  • You can Post from your Profile, but the posts are not stored on your Profile like on Facebook or Twitter. Instead when someone visits your LinkedIn Profile, they indeed only see your Profile, they do not see any of your Posts. Posts are sent to the newsfeed of all of you connections.
  • People come to LinkedIn to Network and read Industry News. 
  • You can add a Company Page to LinkedIn.
  • You can Post from our Company Page. Posts from your Company Page, like those on Facebook, are there when someone comes to visit your company page. They can see both your company's information and your company's posts. This is an excellent way to share your thought leadership. 
  • Only Profiles can join Groups.
  • Since historic Posts are not captured on your LinkedIn Profile and only captured on your LinkedIn Company Page, I suggest strongly that you create a LinkedIn Company Page, post there first and then share that to your LinkedIn Profile. Otherwise you loose your archive of brilliance. 
  • The average age on LinkedIn is 48 years.
  • If a "C" level executive is going to be on any Social Media, they are going to be on LinkedIn.

  • Twitter profiles are indexed by Google.
  • It is recommended that you customize your header and use your company’s logo as your Twitter Profile photo. 
  • The average age on Twitter is 24 years.
  • People generally follow retailers for:
    • 68% to find out about discounts
    • 55% to find out about upcoming deal. 
    • 45% follow to show support
  • One email drives one Twitter account. Unlike Facebook, your one Human Profile can indeed create multiple Facebook Business Pages. 
YouTube Channels
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube are indexed by Google.
  • It is recommended that you customize your YouTube Channel background to match your branding and use your company’s logo as your YouTube Channel Profile photo.
  • The rate that people are consuming video online is increasing rapidly.
  • Pinning photos from your blog or website is an excellent way to get traffic back to your blog or website.
  • 80% of the people using Pinterest are women.
  • We are on Pinterest to share or collect ideas onto a virtual board! Some of the top interests on Pinterest are cooking, design, travel, and decorating. 

Each platform must be optimized. In brief, this means to add:

  • Keywords
  • Consistent Logos
  • Consistent Descriptions
  • Website Addresses

The last thing to think about is selecting your unique social media address on each platform. Why? To make it easier for your followers to find you.   Whenever you create an account on any of the social media platforms, you can create a unique address that will link directly to your profile. 

Here is a chart, summarizing what I mean by the unique addresses you create on each platform. All behave the same, in that they are all first come first serve. 

Social Media Platform
Unique Addresses
Refer to as your handle (Mine is @SofieAndreou) 
Facebook Page
Cannot change it once you save it. Sometimes you can't create one until after you have 25 "Likes"

It's tough to change this Username, careful.

LinkedIn Company


It's effective when you are able secure the same Username or unique URL on each of your Company Social Media accounts.  It's first come first serve, so, you will need to be creative.

Why is it effective? For both SEO and for your printed marketing materials. Both making it easy for your target market to find you. Here are mine and,

This was a summary of Step 4 .. stay tuned for Step 5! 

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