Saturday, March 27, 2010

Create your own targeted WEB within the World Wide Web

You can create your own WEB within the Web to leverage the Power! 

First, you need to have consistency across each of your online presences.  Meaning the same Name, Keywords, Logos or Profile Pictures, Target markets, Descriptions, and branding.. all across each:  Website, Blog, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, Facebook Pages, and your YouTube channel!  Next, each online presence needs to be linking to each other! 

Now, when someone searches with your keywords or company name, you Google Search results gathers strength! Google will list a link to each of your online presences!  You basically need to optimize each of your online presences.  Years gone by everyone spoke of Website Search Engine Optimization, it's now all about Optimizing Each of your Online Presences!  That's Leveraging the Power of the Internet!

So, when your target market searches for you, they will be able to click on whichever medium they are more comfortable with, say the 25 year old clicks on your Twitter profile, the 55 year of female clicks on your Facebook FAN page, the business person clicks on your LinkedIn Profile, and the person who doesn't have profile on either chooses your Website or Blog and so on!

Your search results on Google looks like this!

I hope that helps!
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