Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creating Websites WITHOUT any programming background!

We conduct various business seminars weekly, one out of every four(ish) seminars has been How to Build Websites for the non techie business person.  We use as the web building tool in these seminars and leave the business person with a workbook and a online facebook support group to help them finish their site! 

Eva attended one such course sponsored by the Northumberland Outreach Broadband seminar series earlier this year. It was just a two hour overview on How to Build Your Own Website, this seminar wasn't even hands on! And she walked away and built this website herself! 

Click on to see her site!

Well done EVA!!

To find out more about these seminars go to! We are just firming up the schedule for a few more across Fronenac County May 4th or 11th, Markham May 12th Angus Glen Library 6pm to 9pm , and Hastings County & Lennox Addington County in September!!


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