Monday, July 5, 2010

Enhancing your Facebook Page with a Welcome tab.

The Welcome Tab is the screen first seen by those those who are NOT yet your FANs or connected as "Like" on your Facebook Business Page.  Once someone becomes connected with you, the default Tab (normally the Wall Tab) is displayed to your "Fans" or those who "Like" your Page.  Facebook allows you to select which of your Tabs they see first, after they are connected to you. Facebook's standard default  landing Tab is the Wall Tab, however, you can control which of the many Tabs offered is the one they see first when they come to your business Facebook Page, ie one they see, or your Wall, Info or Photos, but, the majority of businesses, once they get some "inter-action" on their Pages like the interactivity the Wall offers. 

Lets focus on the the Welcome tab in this Blog Posting. 

So, the Welcome tab for Facebook Pages is an application which can be added to your Business Facebook Page. It cannot be added to a Group or Profile page. Welcome Tabes are an excellent way to share your value proposition, ask those who haven't connected to connect with you, or promote an event or product. You can choose to make this tab viewable as your landing page, or as one of your Page's many tabs.

Step 1:
To Add the Welcome tab to your Page, sign into your Facebook Account, and go to your Page. Go to Edit Your Page, and look for applications (scrolling down to the bottom of your Edit Page sections gives you the option to search through all of Facebook's applications), OR after you've signed into your Facebook account, go to and follow their directions.

Step 2:
I read the FAQ and reviews, it seemed that the majority of people who had problems with this application had problems loading their images.  So, I detailed that process for you here.  The simplest way (unless you are a programmer) i to upload an image (jpeg) of what you would like your welcome page to say to Flickr.  If you do not have a Flickr account, you'll have to create one, and then upload your JPEG.  My JPEG, for example, is an image of my book, with a welcome letting people know the kind of information I hope to share with them if they connect with me.  When you are logged into Flickr, upload your image, then, you copy the HTML code associated with that image.  You can grab that code by clicking on the SHARE button to the right of the image.  Then scroll down to the "Grab the HTML" link, click on that and copy the code which is there.

Step 3: Then go back to your Facebook Welcome tab and scroll down to the Management Console for Welcome tab, and paste the Flickr code there, then press "Save Changes". 

Your Welcome Tab will reflect the JPEG you uploaded to Flickr. 

I hope you find this post useful, we actually walk through these steps in our BootCamps now.


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