Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weaving your own targeted web within the web

Busy business people are always asking if they really need to maintain individual presences on each of Twitter, a Blog, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, their Websites...

I always say, as you are NOT in/on every magazine, radiostation, billboard, newspaper, you do not need to be on every online medium.  Instead, you choose were to spend your advertising money and time on based on where you'd receive your largest return on your investment. 

So... here are the facts..

• Twitter is used by people/followers whose average age is 25.
• Facebook is used by people/profiles whose average age is 35 but it is important to note that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women between the ages of 55 and 65.  A total of 500 million profiles on Facebook, with 50% of them sign-on daily to check their activity.
• LinkedIn is used by 50 million business people.
• Depending on the month, YouTube is the largest search engine after Google and Facebook.
There are others who would rather go to a Blog or website, where they do not need a profile to view, connect, or follow (as they would on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter). In my Leveraging the Power of the Internet workbook we determine which online presence is best for your targeted demographics and how to best, with the least amount of effort, update them appropriately! Helping you cast your online net to gather your targeted audience effectively.

Weaving your own web within the web.
Websites & Blogs: Are commonly your center or online “home base”. Both must be search engine friendly & easy to use. Following the Search Engine principles we outline in my workbook will assure all your online presences point to your center base, and your center base points to each of your other online presences or profiles.

Either a website or blog can be your organization’s center point as each can have its own, unique web address which you own and control. While in the past ,websites have been more difficult to update than other formats, and many organizations that require more of an online magazine to meet their needs have migrated to Blogs for their center point, websites are now much easier to update and remain an important web presence.
All your online presences should point to each other, each with consistent organizational names, branding and keywords. This helps with your organization’s search engine placement.
You can choose one or more of the following for your business online presence as an additional place to “catch” your target audience:
You can access the Create an Ad section of Facebook, enter your targeted demographics (where they're located, age and sex) and see exactly how many of them have Facebook Profiles.  This helps you determine if there enough of your targeted market on Facebook for you to spend your limited time on Facebook.
Facebook Profiles
  • You need to first create a Facebook Profile to do anything on Facebook. 
  • The Profile is often called a Friend’s profile page. 
  • The Profile page is traditionally used to connect with friends.
Facebook Business Pages
  • Business or organization Pages are the same as a FAN or “Like” Pages.  There are many advantages, demographic reports & business applications avalible with a Business Page.
  • Unlimited Profiles can become your “Fans”.
  • Pages are indexed by Google
  • Do not show who the Profile Administrator(s) are, you can assign multiple anonymous administrators to the Page.
Facebook Groups
  • Can be private or open
  • Limited to 5,000 members
  • Not indexed by Google
  • Do show who the Profile Administrator(s) are, you can assign multiple administrators to the Page.
LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Profiles are indexed by Google
  • There are quality Groups on LinkedIn to join; some are closed and others are open
Twitter Profile
  • Twitter Profiles are indexed by Google
  • Recommended to customize your background/branding
YouTube Channels
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube are indexed by Google
  • Your YouTube videos can be used on your YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Blogs & shared on LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Recommended to customize your YouTube Channel's background/branding

 I hope this post helps you add some additional direction to your online marketing strategy.


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