Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You must have 2 Admins for your Facebook Business Page.. Here's how.

Up until recently, whoever created your Business/FAN Facebook Page was always tied to your Page as the main Administrator.  Now; any of your Facebook Business/FAN Page Administrators can remove each other. 

Every organization should have a policy on who their Facebook Business/FAN Page's administrators are.
Lets start by how to add a second Admin to your Facebook Business/FAN Page!

So, the steps to adding an Administrator to your Facebook Business are:
1) The person being added to the Business Page as an Administrator needs to have a Personal  “Human” Profile on Facebook, then from their Personal Profile.  Then, they need to find the Facebook Business Page and click on the “like” at the top of the Page.
(Note: The Administrators have the option to make their human profile viewable by their FANs or hidden.  80% of the organizations we work with keep them very separate.  The default on Facebook is that the Administrators identity are hidden.)

2) Now, you can ask whoever created your Facebook Business Page to add that second new administrator to your Business/FAN Facebook Page. They do so, by:
a.       Firsts click on the “people like this” Business Page link at the right of their Business Page, all of the People who Like the Business Page are listed, next,

 b.  They click on the button “Make Admin” next to the Profile Photo & Name of the new additional Administrator.  (Once they become Admin, the button changes and reads, "Remove Admin".)
c. The new Administrator immediately receives a notification at their Personal Facebook Account letting them know that they are now Administrator’s for the Business Facebook Page.

3)     Now, when the new Administrator signs into Facebook with their Personal account ID and Password, they had Administration access to their Business Page. To access Business Facebook Administrative as the Admin, they  click on Account.  Account is found at the top right of your screen when you are logged into Facebook.  Under the Account drop down, they’ll see they have a new feature, called “Use Facebook As Page”.
(i)       Click on “Use Facebook as Page”

(ii).       It will list of Facebook Business Pages that they are now Admin on.  A person can be Admin on as many Facebook Businesses Pages as they’d like.
(iii).       To access the Page as they Administrator, they must click on the “SWITCH” button to edit or post as the Business Page

At this point the new Administrator should sit with the existing administrator, or they should come to one of our Social Networking Training Workshops or Seminars, to be able to carry the Facebook Page strategy forward. 
I hope this post helps!

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