Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What your Facebook admin should be doing.

Everyone can have a Facebook Business/Fan Page set up, but, afterward, you need to have your staff or outsource to someone who can do the following for your organizations.

Your Facebook Business/FAN Page Admin needs to know how to:

1) remove administrators when you, the leader of the organization, requests them to do so. (You should always have at least two admins, so you never loose access to your Page.)

2) create new Posts on you Business/FAN Page which will automatically show up on your FANs' walls.

3) add Photos, Videos & Links to your Posts.

4) implement the best Posting practices (see my blog called "7 Posting Tips")

5) how & when to reply to Comments left on your Business/FANs Page.

6) ensure they are replying as the Business/FAN Page vs themselves.

7) how to turn on or off  or direct FAN comment notifications.

8) how to choose which other Facebook Business/FAN Pages to LIKE, Feature and Comment on as your Business Page vs their human Profile.

9) how to switch back and forth between the Business Page and their Human Profile.

10) how to find the Business Page when they first log into Facebook.

11) how to confirm they are on the Business Page in Edit Mode vs as their Human Profile.

12) how to check their Business Page’s Insights & see the behavior of their FANs on their Page.  What’s working and what’s not.

13) (most importantly) how to grow your FAN base to your targeted followers & how to convert those FANs into your clients! 

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