Friday, February 17, 2012

16 examples of measurable Calls To Actions

A large number of business professionals are not aware of all of the various Call to Actions (CTAs) they can use in their posts or webpages.  CTAs are measurable and are intended to engage your visitors. During my workshops, seminars or coaching sessions; when I ask, "What do you want your visitors to do when they see one of your Posts or they land on your Website?", the majority of business professionals aren't aware of all of their options.  So, I thought I'd list 16 possible CTAs for you below. 

Whichever online presences you use, once you have eyes on any of your online pages, ads, websites, business links, or eNewsletters, you want your target audience to be able to understand and find your Call To Action, (CTA) in just a few seconds.    People have short attention spans online, meaning, in just a few seconds they need to be able to proceed to the next step quickly and easily or they click away and you'll lose them.

For example, if you want someone to click on an upcoming event link, sign-up for your eNewsletter, look at your retail store’s map, click on a specific product detail, or buy a ticket or product on your eNewsletter, he/she needs to be able to read the “call-to-action” (CTA) and then see the associated link to click on in seconds.  The CTA link is the ‘what you want them to do’ in the form of a button / link.     
"Knowing what you want your visitors to do makes it possible for you to engage your visitors and measure your online success."
To help engagement and measure your online success, take a moment, and fill in this chart. 
Are any of these CTAs something you can include on any of your online pages or post?

Possible Call to Actions you can measure!
Where would you put this CTA link?
Purchase Products or Service.         

“Opt-In” provide their email.

Click on “more details” on a specific topic.

Download documents or brochures.

Link to another page.

Enter a Contest.

Link to one of your Social Media Pages.

LIKE, Connect or Follow your business on one of your SM Platforms.

Comment, Reply,Share or Retweet one of your SM Posts or Tweets.

Post Text, Photos or Videos or Links on one of your SM Pages.

Link to your Website or another's Website.

Link to a Blog.

Sign up for an event.

View an online event’s page.

View your retail location page or address.

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