Thursday, March 29, 2012

Facebook's new Timeline in 3 easy steps..

On March 30th, your Business Facebook Page will automatically convert to what Facebook is calling the new Timeline template. You can actually simply do nothing, and you'll be FINE.
Why will you be fine if you do nothing?  Because everything on your existing Facebook Page automatically gets transferred over to the new Timeline template. All of your posts, photos, AND the logo you currently have on your Business Facebook Page will automatically transferred over. So, to your Fans who do not come back to your Page, (which represents 90% of your Fans), nothing's changed; they'll still be seeing the thumbnail logo which represents your company next to each of your posts.

However in the new Timeline template the TOP (they call it your Cover) of your Facebook Page will be a white blank, and your Welcome Page & Applications will be in different places.

In this post, I will share with you, in three simple steps, how to add a Cover to your new Facebook Timeline. I'll share another blog with you shortly on how to move your Applications around and how to take advantage of the three funky new features in the new Timeline.

1) Choose or create a wide photo for your Facebook Page Cover which expresses the type of experience your clients will have with your company. It's perfect if it happens to already be something from your website so it carries your branding through.  Here are some examples.,

The image you create will be placed into a space 851 wide and 350 tall. Remember the bottom left of the image will be "hidden" by your Facebook Business Page's Profile (or logo). Create the image, and save it as a Jpeg on your laptop.

2) Go to your Facebook Business Page, if it's before March 30th, click on the Preview button. (You'll have to continue as your human self!)

3) Now, you are ready to upload your new Cover and publish, that's it.. YOU ARE DONE!

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