Thursday, March 29, 2012

Think GRADE 2 Reader when posting! Here's WHY!

If you can remember that your posts should leave your Facebook Page to read like a Grade Two Reader you’re on your way!  

Posts characteristics that get the most shares are those which: 
(i) read at a grade at a two level, 
(ii) are under eighty characters of text, 
(iii) have a link, photo or video attached, 
(iv) funny or educational and 
(v) include an action.  
So, ends up that excellent Facebook engagement creates a Facebook Business Fan Page which looks like a grade two children’s Pop-Up Book.  With this simple mindset, you’ll have the type of Posts FANs will share and comment on, hence showcasing you to THEIR Friends and increasing your exposure.  
They say that 78% of people have chosen to LIKE a Page based on their FRIEND’s activity, SO, you WANT your FANs to interact with your Posts so their Friends will turn into your FANs!! Assuming also, your content is valuable to them, you’ll create the buzz and engagement level that you need to GROW your followers. 

To turn your Website visitors into FANs, surprising enough, the best practise is NOT to put the standard Facebook "F" symbol on your website, which simply leads people to Facebook, as they DO NOT have to LIKE your Page to see or comment, you’ll likely lose them at that point from both your website and your Facebook Page, so instead add the LIKE US   widget right on your Website. When they click on that, it immediately turns them into your FAN so they’ll automatically get your Facebook updates! This ensures you don’t LOSE the opportunity to turn your website visitors into FANs.  Even better, if you have the room on your site, add the widget which includes your Facebook Logo, Title and some of your FAN faces. WHY: statistics show that those Pages who use this widget on their websites convert even more people into FANs. Likely because people like seeing their own Face automatically appearing on the website they’re currently on.  To create your widget, come to one of my workshops, or go to !

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