Friday, October 3, 2014

Re-Purpose Traditional Media as Social Media Posts!

Many businesses are not taking advantage of re-purposing their traditional newspaper ads, TV commercials, TV shows, and Radio spots as Social Media Posts. It's VERY effective!  We've been helping clients do so, it's fun and POWERFUL!

You've already spent the money to create them, so reuse them!  First, it reinforces your message to those on both mediums and second, it captures people who might not be on the traditional medium.

Take a look at Johnson Jeweller's Facebook Page. We re-purpose traditional Television commercials as Posts. 

How? John creates the commercial at ChexTV. Then ChexTV saves it for him as a MP4. We download and re-purpose that MP4 as a video Post on his Facebook Page! NICE!!

Here's another approach we take with a client. Take a TV spot, have it saved as an MP4 and then upload it to your YouTube Channel.

From there we use their Video commercial on each of their Website, eNewsletters, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Here are some other examples, including where we've re-purposed a radio ad! How did we do that? We asked for the radio ad to be saved and sent to us as an MP3 file. Then place the MP3 file overtop a background of photos and text telling a story about an event! Here's a short video where I'm talking about it at a Tech Talk update.

This is one of our favourite services for clients. It extends their investment professionally onto other channels!

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