Wednesday, November 26, 2014

3 Month Social Platform Launch Plan

When implementing a new social media platform in your organization, we suggest using our three month process. The three month process starts with researching that platform for one month, the second month is about platform set up and practice. Finally, the third month we go live and start our communications and growth plan.

Month ONE - 5 steps to researching one platform 
i.     Search one platform and list what complimentary businesses are posting effectively.

ii.      Summarize which and how many of your targeted potential clients engage on this platform?

iii.    Conclude from the above what kind of material or posts will get you the most engagement on that platform.

iv.    List the key Influencers on this platform who might share your posts to which in turn will help you grow.

v.      List where you’ll get your material from.

Month TWO - Setup & Practice

i.        Mirror your brand on this platform.

ii.      Create a bunch of different covers for various upcoming events, seasons or sales.

iii.    Choose a squared logo to use across all your platforms.

iv.     Populate your Timeline with 6 posts which give some context to what your company is all about. On Facebook make them Milestones and back date them, they can include: (i) grand opening, (ii) about you, (iii) about your products, (iv) community involvement, (v) happy customers and 
(vi) showcase your staff.


i.       Create your Social Calendar, for example, how many posts of your own and how many posts will you or your staff share of your community’s influencers daily?

ii.      On Facebook or Twitter, determine a monthly budget to first promote your account to your target clients to start getting some followers or likes, and secondly to promote individual posts or tweets.

iii.      Post your new Social Page URLs in each of your eNewsletters, retail store, website, traditional marketing materials, print, signs, radio, news ads, TV.

iv.       Mention and tag the identified influencers who you’ve seen share content like yours. Your hopes are that they’ll share or retweet your content and help you grow.  (Offer them incentives to share.)

A great example of a social calendar! 

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