Friday, February 20, 2015

9 Steps to Your Social Strategy

9 Steps to Your Social Strategy

Social Media is no longer just nice to have, but it is evolving into a powerful and essential tool for businesses and communities to use to grow. Social Media has shifted how we communicate with staff, clients, community, and suppliers. Moreover, Social Media has truly seeded a culture of social business or social community. That is why it is important to leverage the power of the internet to reach your goals.

Where do you start when looking to build your Social Strategy, and how will we execute it? First we need to select what Social Media platforms we are going to use, you want to choose the one that will suit your goals the best, you can use as many platforms as necessary, and you do not have to use all forms of social media.

Here are the 9 key steps you need to follow when creating your
community or organizational social strategy.

1.   Why do you want online followers? State your purpose.

2.   Which Keywords or Hashtags will lace your posts?

3.   Who is your target audience

4.   What social platforms will you use?

5.   How will you measure success?    

6.   List your possible material creators? (Clients, Staff, Suppliers, Industry Experts, Media)    

7.   Who will be accountable for measuring and coordinating efforts?

8.   List your Influencers’ possibilities – those giants with a large number of social followers who will retweet or share your posts.

9.   Create your schedule – how often can your organization post? Twice a day, three times a week?
The 9 Steps to Your Social Strategy

Step one to five are your strategy steps.  At least annually, you should be starting back at step 1 to review your purpose, keywords, target audience, platforms and measures. 

Steps five to nine should be repeated monthly as your implementation guide.

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