Friday, February 20, 2015

What is a Social Media Coordinator - And Why You Need One

What is a Social Media Coordinator? 

The Social Media Coordinator is the glue in your online marketing strategy. The Social Media coordinator shares the strategy and protocols with each of the departmental Social Media coordinators.  They create the annual Social Media schedule. They also train the departmental Social Media coordinators as needed to manage their department’s schedule and contributors.

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Possible Roles for The Social Media Coordinator 

·       Assigns and controls passwords to all of the organization’s Social Media platforms.
·       Accountable for monthly measurement reports showing the organization’s and Leader’s social reach and influence and impact on their goals.
·       Give advice, based on the measures, on how to improve next month’s results.
·       Coordinates the social calendar.
·       Is a member of the Communication’s department or acts as the bridge between the traditional communications and social communications.
·       Aligns the social calendar with the overall organization’s communication’s calendar.
·       Works closely with the IT department ensuring the proper access, security, and privacy settings are in place for those who need it.
·       Continuously improves and grows followers.
·       Identifies & engages distribution giants.
·       Does all the posting or trains and monitors others on how to post properly.
·       Engages in ongoing online marketing training.

Why is a Social Media Coordinator Important in Your Organization?

The Social Media Coordinator is important in an organization as they are responsible for ensuring that the online marketing strategy is being executed as planned. This entails making sure all content is appropriate, and all content contributors are posting relevant, useful content that is aligned with the companies online marketing goals. The social media coordinator is necessary to ensure that the social media strategy is implemented effectively. 

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